Professional Window Cleaning Tip:
Use a dry lint free cloth and wipe one side of window with vertical (up and down) sweeping motions and the other side with horizontal (side to side)sweeping motions. If there are any remaining streaks, the direction will determine which side of the glass needs to be wiped again.

Cleaning Mirrors:
Wipe with long back and forth strokes to avoid streaking.

White Water Rings on Furniture:
White spots occur when water gets into the surface of the finish. Most white spots can be polished off with a mild abrasive. Before trying anything, give the water stain time to evaporate on its own or help it along with a hair dryer.

Water Leaks in Toilet Bowl:
The toilet is the biggest consumer of water in the home, and a toilet leak can waste up to 100 gallons of water a day. You can test to see if you have a leak by putting food coloring in the water in the tank. DON'T FLUSH! If you have a leak, color will show up in the bowl within a few minutes.

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